Wheeler 55

Wheeler's building on this deep well of sportfishing expertise by introducing the new Wheeler 55 Sport Fisherman. Lean and Powerful, fast and luxurious, the Wheeler 55 will again set the standard

The Return of the Wheeler

The Wheeler family is building yachts again.

We are a new company, but founded on an unparalleled history.We are the same family who designed and built over 3,500 hulls in a span of 50 years. The same company which served our greatcountry during two world wars and the same family who built aquality brand that has stood the test of time.

The Wheeler family is building yachts again.

Although there is a literal sea of boat builders today, few are interested in American craftsmanship. The Wheelers used onlythe finest materials and the best equipment available at the time:Philippine mahogany interiors, Burmese teak cockpits, Chryslermarine engines, monel tanks, oak frames and keels. Our yachts were considered the best of the best and we were copied by many.

We still hold the principles which forged the original Wheeler Yacht Company. Our family would have it no other way.

The Wheeler has returned.

We have re-emerged with a single yacht design, the 55’ Wheeler Legacy Sedan. From the outside, it is a near replica of the 1952 Wheeler Sportfisherman crafted from the latest fiberglass technology. On the inside it is a completely new yacht, from the engine room to the galley to the owner’s stateroom. This magnificent yacht will cruise faster than any boat of its kind without compromising a single thing. With a peak tested speed of 42 knots, it will allow the avid fisherman to beat the competition when speed is needed. Inside, it will be a home away from home. It will be an American masterpiece.

Become part of our legacy. Only a few will own a new Wheeler.

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